Pay it ForwardThe Miles Advisory Group’s “Pay It Forward” program encourages employees and professionals associated with our Brands to simply give back. The program helps match those in need with those who can help. At times, we all find ourselves in need, and the Pay it Forward program helps to stand in that gap funded by grateful and generous hearts. For more information regarding the Pay It Forward program please contact Lisa Zeeveld, Manager of HR, at 404.889.6241.


lgw-logo3The Miles Advisory Group supports Love Gives Way. A community of brides and grooms who are choosing that their “Love Gives Way” to the recovery and restoration of those exploited by sex trafficking. An amazing organization coupled with huge hearts and brilliant creatives.


measwithamissionThe Miles Advisory Group supports Meals With a Mission. The idea is simple … What if your next get-together was the perfect place for this conversation: “Where can we support good work or meet needs in our community?” That’s what Meals With A Mission is all about. Everyone donates the same amount. Brings a cause to share. And together, you decide what to support. A movement of friends gathering to help others. Simple. Fun. Effective. It’s your meal. And, you pick a mission.