MAG Bookkeeping

MAG Bookkeeping - Logo - SmallMAG Bookkeeping exists to glorify God by … sourcing People and Services that ignite a Leader’s possibilities and results.

MAG Bookkeeping helps busy pastors and growing churches by serving as their virtual church bookkeeper connected to the duties of church accounting and payroll. Leveraging web-based technologies and deploying highly-qualified virtual bookkeepers, all based in the United States, we provide you with real people with huge hearts for ministry.  All working virtually to efficiently meet your bookkeeping needs so that you can protect and grow your leadership focus. Churches of many sizes call on us when critical bookkeeping/accounting/payroll challenges arise because we understand the urgency of NOW and the consequences of lack of focus.

As a leading national firm, MAG Bookkeeping serves its Church Clients all throughout the United States. Our company is comprised of seasoned leaders who have deep insight tied to virtual/cloud workforces. We know how to move quickly, responsively, objectively, and thoroughly to integrate into your church environment and staff … delivering your church with immediate wins.

The skill to adapt quickly to our Church Clients’ situations reflects our ability at MAG Bookkeeping to attract and retain the best and brightest church bookkeepers in the country. MAG Bookkeeping is a preferred solution provider for highly talented church bookkeepers who can fulfill the requirements of our rigorous selection process. We are continuously seeking new church bookkeeping candidates who can serve our Church Clients. To inquire about an opportunity with MAG Bookkeeping, visit our Careers page.